Handy Man Services

Welcome to the Handy Man Services.

First of all, I would like to give you some background.

I am a licensed Realtor since 1973, and Broker since 1986. In the fall of 2006, I had a call from one of my real estate clients asking me if I knew of anyone that could help co-ordinate some contractors at one of his investment properties–he was tied up in some meetings and couldn’t be there.. Always willing to help out, I volunteered.

It was on a Friday afternoon and all the work was completed about 4:30–great ! My final task was to see that everything was locked up, but first I thought–maybe I should check to see if there was any water- no water !!-but a quick trip to the basement and a crawl to the front of the house and I found the tap that the contractors forget to turn on !

The next month, the same client called asking about having some trees removed, and others trimmed up….. and the Handy Man was born . In 2007 I applied for and received a Master Business Licence and the Handy Man was then registered with the province of Ontario.

Since then, I have been privileged to assist homeowners and investors alike from ‘basements to roofs’ and almost everything in between. On occasion there has been home inspections ( on the sale of real Estate ) that required some minor remedial work that I was able to do to help close sales.

A point form of some of my business practices are;

  • I am H.S.T. registered and provide written itemized receipts and invoices
  • photos ( usually emailed ) of tasks–before and after–if requested
  • will pick up all supplies and return what is left and credit the client
  • will discuss and help plan priorities of tasks
  • scheduled maintenance plans available
  • site clean up upon completion
  • fully equipped mobile service vehicle
  • labor guaranteed for two years ( roofs are five years ), materials are guaranteed by manufacturer

And stay tuned–I hope to add ‘before and after’ pictures in the near future.

the Handy Man


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